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Parish Council Documents

Parish Councils are the essence of local democracy and have a vital role in speaking and acting on behalf of the communities they represent. The public are always welcome to Parish Council meetings, usually held at Scorton School.


For details of the parish council documents: Freedom of Information, Standing orders, financial regulations and risk assessment, please contact Melanie Harben (Parish Clerk) 01253 790156; lancashireparishclerk@gmail.com


Here is the 2018 list of Parish Council contacts.


Dates of meetings for 2018:

February 15th, March 29th, May 31st, June 28th, July 26th, September 27th, November 29th


Dates of meetings for 2019:

January 31st, March 7th, May 9th, June 20th, July 4th, September 5th, October 17th, November 7th



List of agendas - please click on dates below  

2012:   January; March; May ; May AGM; July; September; October; November;  

2013:  January; March; May; May AGM; July; September; October; November;    

2014:  January; March; May AGM; May; June; July; September; October; November;      

2015:  January; March; May; May AGM; June; July; Sept; Oct; Nov;        

2016:  January; March; May; May AGM; Sept;October; November;    

2017:   January; March; May; May AGM; June; July; September; October; November        

2018:  February; March; June; July; September; November


List of minutes - please click on dates below  (minutes to follow once approved at next Council)

2011: November;

2012:  January; March ; May(AGM); May; June; July; September; October; November  

2013:  January; March; May(AGM); May; July; September; October; November  

2014:  January; March; May(AGM); May; June; July; September; October; November;    

2015:  January; March; May; May (AGM);  June; July; Sept; Oct ; Nov 2015      

2016:  January; March; June; Sept; October; November    

2017:  January; March; May; May AGM; June; July ; Sept; October; November

2018: February; March; May; May AGM; Chairman's report; June; July; September


Financial Information - please click below for details:

2011-2012: Accounts

2013-2014: Accounts

2014-2015: Accounts; Annual Return; Asset Register; Payments over £100; Payment Variations; Internal Audit Report

2015-2016: Annual return section 3; Annual return; Audit conclusion notice

2016-2017: Annual Return; Annual Return Section 3 ; Parish Council Accounts; Summary of payments over £100; Audit declaration; Exercise of electors rights; Variation of payments; Audit Conclusion notice

2017-18: Annual return; Parish Council accounts; Summary of payments over £100; Exercise of public rights; Asset register; Variations of payments




Parish Council response to planning appeal APP/U2370/W/18/3203571